The Journal of Water Engineering and Environmental Sciences is an open-access journal (Free of charge), aims to be one of the international and interdisciplinary peer reviewed journal for the publication of world leading, high impact research on the water engineering, water resources, waste water treatment, environmental Sciences, Materials and Nanomaterials and climate change ...

1-Global warming and Climate impact on water resources
2-Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Geochemistry and Geophysical exploration
3-Water desalination, water quality, anthropogenic activities and health risks
4-Materials and Nanomaterials and their technological application in water Treatment
5-Soil and water management techniques in Agriculture
6-Non conventional water resources challenges and opportunities
7-Engineering ecology and resilience of aquatic environments
8-Biotechnology, food security, green chemistry and smart agriculture
9-Bacteriology, toxicology and health risks related to water resources
10-Renewable energy, emerging technologies and climate change
11-Application of geomatics in natural hazard
12-Geore sources exploration and exploitation and their impact on water and environment
13-Water, Soil and Air pollution
14-Transboundary Water Management and Hydro-Diplomacy
15-Hydro-socialterritories: apolitical ecology perspective
16-Hydro-electro-mecanic, hydro-informatic and smart agriculture
17-Socio-nature, hydro-social networks and territorialization
18-Remote sensing for groundwater resources management